Call of Duty 2
Connected again, the world war two. We introduce the war game Call of Duty 2, is an extension of all war games java. You will find other collections here.

Download it, play with the fight against colonialism in world war two.

You want to extend the series another game, can get here by the name of Art game Call Of Duty World At War, Call Of Duty 3

Call Of Duty 3
War against the invaders, to defend his country. In World War Call Of Duty 3, you can download the game in java jar game downloads site.

Support in the mobile phone screen size of 240x320 pixels, with a smooth 3d graphics, so you will get to enjoy the game.

Or maybe you want to have, and played other war games such as Call of Duty 2, Call Of Duty World At War

Call Of Duty World At War
Now the games world war two, wars between nations are exciting and will accompany you sit back after a tired working.

The name of the game is Call Of Duty World At War, defeating the enemy is the main reason for the winner and will take over the country throughout the world.

Maybe you are interested in this game, the game can be downloaded here as a collection of war java games jar format. The game is supported on the LCD screen size of 320x240 for wide screen, and the size 176x220 for mobile screen sizes are. Enjoy a game of war.

There are several other war series you should try the game Call Of Duty 3, Call of Duty 2

Bugs Bunny Rabbit Rescue
We introduced other games. This is a funny adventurous game, adventure avoid a rabbit hunter. Whether his case, such as animated movie on television.

Now, you can play it on your favorite phone, but the format is a format that is supported jar, is the format for mobile Java.

Download game, and go into your Java mobile phone, then play the game.

Chicken Kickin
Kicking Chicken Arcade action game, will win if you can do this as much as possible. Various types of game, and will not make you more tired. Download Java games jar, which supports the mobile phone screen size 176x220 or 240x320 pixels.

For you fans of arcade games, you need to try this game. That's funny and interesting game for Java phones. Enjoy the game.

Men In Black - Withouta Trace
Adventure games against alien spaceship that evil, with a firearm you should be able to quell it all for peace. Two of these agents, it is in particular assigned to perform this task.

You liked this adventurous game, can download the file after him. With the support of the 176x220LCD screen, instead of 240x320. Onlyformobilejava, and can be applied on all Java phones and Java version you have.

This game, can be made for an adventurousgame collectionjaronJavaphones.

Mephisto chess mobile edition
_Various games have been You encountered, one jarof this arcadegame. Chess game you have to try the challenge, the strategy and the ability of your brain that injury in this game.

With the size of a small jar file, so you do not have to wait long to download files to this game. Now the decision is in your game options, because this game supports 176x220 screen size LCD on Javaphones.

Zombie Infection
_Zombie fighting adventure game you have to try, thrilling and terrifying. View display are nice and smooth you will make more and continue to want to play it to completion or graduation. These jar files, supports the Multiscreen display, which can be applied on all Java mobile phone LCD screen size.

If you are interested, download the game. You'll find zombies and fight with your partner so that all the zombies can be destroyed. Enjoy java games jar for all phones.

I.Q. Inteligent Qube
_This is a classic game, arcade puzzle game you should try. Jar format games, which may support the format of your phone.

With this game you will add insight and experience of playing games that are difficult puzzles and more to make you curious. Is, arrange the boxes neatly as soon as possible so that you are not on the roll waves with an appointed time.

Play the game on the mobile Java 176x220 lcd screen, download and win to get to the next level which would be more interesting because the more difficult challenge of this game .

Trash Racer
_This time it will introduce the game in a care environment, as you in order to clean up trash on the highway.

Using a large truck, carrying garbage and throw it in the trash. How fast do you empty the trash, so the highway to be clean.

You need to try these Arcade games, with the jar file to download it as a format that supports Java phones. LCD screen size that is supported is 176x220 pixels.

You can also choose other measures, such as the Multiscreen which can be applied all size LCD screens your Java phone.


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